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Broker point of contact for service inefficiencies

If service quality is low (e.g. cleaning), broker is responsible for setting things straight. A lot of hassle and extra work.

Difficult to control quality of service providers

Brokers are reluctant to recommend service providers due to little to no control over quality for end customer.

No monetary return

Helping your clients move is a time consuming and complex task that does not pay.

Multiple systems

Separate systems for each step in the customer journey creates a non customer-centric experience.

A chaotic moving experience

A recent study made on behalf of Between shows that over 85% have negative associations to moving. Everyone in the study underestimated the costs, and described the prosess as stressful, time consuming and unclear.

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Between moving consultants

We handle all inquiries from your clients, and make sure that they get the best support possible. No more caught in the middle.

Comprehensive quality control

All our service providers are hand picked - and their service quality is ensured with Between CRM

An excellent revenue-share model

Earn commission while providing an exceptional moving experience.

One stop-shop

Everything in one single system allows for a smooth journey for both broker and client.

An exceptional moving experience

Give your client a free platform that simplifies the moving experience. We provide the automated, cutting-edge technology, and you get a seamless solution you'll want to put your name on!

Committed to solve your problems

Let your clients do all this and more

Connect or transfer utilities

Forward mail and update adresses

Compare and book moving services

Buy the best moving material

Book professional home cleaning services

Personalised timeline for all important dates and tasks

All moving related costs in one app

A cutting edge new-neighbourhood page

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It's simple to get started!


Sync and integrate

Between's integrations with leading transaction management software providers make it easy to sync our systems and invite your clients at the exact right time before they move.


Customize for your needs

Tailor Between to your brand by customizing your company branding, agent headshots, and messages to clients.


Kick back and relax

Give your client everything they need in one place - a true “one-stop shop”. Let us handle the moving, so you have more time to do what you're good at.

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The hidden costs of moving

At a time when money is tighter than ever and the cost of living only continues to rise, moving house can place a great strain not only on us as people, but also on our finances.

Whilst it is widely accepted that this is a costly process, you may be shocked to discover that people substantially underestimate the total cost of moving by up to 30%.

Kr.50 000
Avg. household cost
Underestimate costs
Long term spending decisions made when moving

The stress of moving

It’s no secret that moving house is one of life’s most trying experiences. So much so in fact, that more than three quarters of people (80%) directly associate the word ‘stress’ with moving.

More than 85% (88%) of people have stated they would like the process to be easier – it’s about time there was a solution.

Have negative associations
Of long term spending made within weeks
Take time off work

An Introduction to Between Certified Companies

We know that it can be hard to distinguish a reputable service company from a bad one. Therefore, allow us to make it easy for you.

Between Certified Companies are pre-vetted moving companies that received Between´s seal of approval. In order to become an Between Certified Company, one must meet every single piece of our strict criteria.

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Have a say on development

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Exclusive services just for your clients

All your clients will get prioritised fast-track support - in addition to exclusive in app services such as free concierge service.

Exclusive services just for your clients

All your clients will get prioritised fast-track support - in addition to exclusive in app services such as free concierge service.