The Stressors of Moving

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Tomas Ivanov

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It’s no secret that moving house is one of life’s most trying experiences. So much so in fact, that more than three quarters of people (80%) directly associate the word ‘stress’ with moving.

The laundry list of tasks and obligations when moving house is often long enough to make the entire process one of frustration and anxiety. More than 90% of people have stated they would like the process to be easier, from removing and transporting furniture to preparing the property for the new owners.

With younger people (18-25 and 26-35) moving at a higher rate than anyone else, it can be a confusing and uncertain landscape to manoeuvre if you have not gone through the procedure before. Setting up suppliers for utilities such as energy, internet, and insurance can be difficult enough, but re-routing these suppliers to a new address or finding alternative providers is an even more challenging task.

Over 65% of all long term spending decisions are made within weeks

Over half (58%) of people changed electricity supplier on their last move, whilst 25% switched insurance providers and more than 20% (21%) found a new mortgage partner. As much as people would like to streamline the process, sometimes change is inevitable and small alterations like this can add up to make moving house a truly tumultuous experience.


Whether it’s switching utilities or transporting bulky furniture, it’s clear that moving house is never a process which people relish. An overwhelming majority (81%) said they wish moving house was less time consuming, whilst 74% said the process is often unclear, and over half (55%) complained of the excessive costs associated with moving.

Sist jeg flyttet måtte jeg bruke sommerferien fordi jeg hadde så mye å gjøre på jobb. Jeg føler hele prosessen er stressende - jeg er redd for å ikke klare å holde i alt. Det er så mye å tenke på, så mye endring på så kort tid.

Norwegians - the biggest movers in Europe

Despite all of this, Norwegians haven’t been put off making a move, with the nation taking the crown of the biggest movers across Europe. A whopping three quarters (75%) of Norwegians have moved house at least once in the last 10 years, and this number only continues to grow with a 7% yearly increase in moves since 2012.

So, people aren’t going to stop moving house any time soon, and the process certainly hasn’t become any less tedious – it’s about time there was a solution.

Let us help you with that.

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